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Zoom (2006)

MPAA Rating: PG

Rated PG for brief rude humor, language and mild action

ch_profanity ch_mild
ch_nudity ch_little_cleavage
ch_sex ch_brief
ch_violence ch_some
ch_drugs ch_none
Profanity Nudity Sex Violence Drugs
Mild, deity, other Very little, female, cleavage, scantily clad Brief, conversation, kissing Some, intense, burning, explosions, fistfights, lightning strike, cross bow, tornado winds, tranquilizer gun, telekinetic powers, superpowers, skunk spray, spilling hot coffee, falling, gamma radiation None

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Synopsis: A former superhero reluctantly teaches a group of children with super powers so they can battle the evil trying to destroy the world.
Genres: Comedy, Action, Family
Color: Color
Length: 83 minutes
Studio/Distributor: Sony Pictures
Major People
  • Spencer Breslin (Actor)
  • Tim Allen (Actor)
  • Courteney Cox Arquette (Actor)
  • Chevy Chase (Actor)
Critics Ratings
  • Entertainment Weekly: 1.0
  • Reel: 1.0
  • New York Times: 1.0
  • Critic Average Rating: 1.0

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