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Invisible Woman, The (1941)

MPAA Rating: NR

ch_profanity ch_none
ch_nudity ch_little_cleavage
ch_sex ch_none
ch_violence ch_some
ch_drugs ch_some
Profanity Nudity Sex Violence Drugs
none very little, female cleavage, lingerie, implied (invisible) none some, slapstick, threatening with gun, mad scientist electric shock equipment, punch with fist, machine gun fire, knock on head with wooden hammer alcohol, some accepted; tobacco use

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Synopsis: A wacky scientist invents an invisiblity machine and enlists the help of a model to test it. The invisible woman embarks on a series of adventures including thwarting a group of gansters trying to steal the machine.
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Color: B&W
Length: 72 minutes
Studio/Distributor: Universal Studios
Major People
  • John Barrymore (Actor)
  • Virginia Bruce (Actor)
Critics Ratings
  • VideoHound: 3.0
  • Leonard Maltin: 3.0
  • Familystyle: 3.0
  • Critic Average Rating: 3.0

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